Individualism Theme

For my individualism themed novel, I chose Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. This book was a great read that I found myself completely unable to put down.

The story depicts a seventeen year old girl named Ginny who has a recently decided aunt that sends her on the journey of her life with specific directions from letters contained in thirteen little blue envelopes that are to be opened at designated times. Ginny is only allowed the most minimal of supplies and must trust her aunt’s judgement of the people she meets and tasks she must carry out. Ginny is sent all over Western Europe by these envelopes and along the way finds love, adventure, heartbreak, fear, and a lot of surprises.

I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who loves to get lost in the world of a story. Her adventures and circumstances completely engulf nearly any reader instantly.

I think this books fits the theme of individualism perfectly because Ginny is forced to spend so much time alone, with no electronics and barely a change of clothes, that she is really forced to get to know herself and her aunt along the way.

16467195219_2845331342_m changes made to photo size

I chose the photo I did because Ginny spends so much time in various airports, train stations, hostels, etc. and there’s a constant feeling throughout the book of being surrounded by people but feeling completely alone. Ginny spends much of this time reflecting on herself and how she is dealing with her Aunt’s passing.

This book was such a fun adventure and tells an important lesson of the importance of finding yourself. The ending of the story packs an exceptionally powerful emotional punch that shows the importance of moving on and accepting yourself. Great read overall.


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